Our firm

About P&P

P&F engineering was started up in 2016 by the experience and the
professionalism of its founder Fabio Pierini always oriented to the
philosophy of a continuous innovation.
The initial objective of  Fabio was mainly that of a process innovation
in order to manufacture products and/or processing steps for various
industries automatically and at low operational costs. Then he  took
up a product and utility innovation, taking into consideration the
simplification and efficacy of common daily gestures. The versatility,
creativity and professionalism of the founder, a real “problem solving”
man, derived from his experience gained in different markets: from
building market,  to manufacturing specific devices for aluminium
shutters, or  to household electrical appliances and gardening–working
for important firms such as Equipe, Indesit, Ariston and Italy Honda.

His persistency and particularly his ability to change allowed him to gain
chameleon-like experiences of adaptation to different operating and
operational systems, bringing innovative and successful improvements too.
At present the passion for objects which can make our daily life more
comfortable has incited P&F to direct his dreams towards new products
able to accompany the consumer in a pleasant way, following the
present life's rhythms. The greatest resource of this firm, reactive and
flexible, is the ability to identify customers’ needs thanks to its strong
innovative potentiality, supported by a well-established experience in
mechanics and applied technologies which allows to meet everybody’s