Directions for use

Following a few, simple procedures you can inflate Klaap, close it thanks to its appropriate valve, and put it under your bust at a variable height, according to one’s needs. In just nine seconds. Klaap needn’t be fastened to your seat because it is blocked by your body weight. In this way your bust sustains Klaap and Klaap sustains your head, in mutual synergy. Most important of all, thanks to its special and unique shape it avoids that annoying head wobbling which unavoidably occurs when muscles relax


Klaap is an economical accessory both for its cost – it could even be disposable – and for its size; after use it can be deflated, folded up
and put away in your pocket, ready to be used again. Klaap is the
same size as a pack of paper handkerchiefs.

Sales details

We manufacture and supply Klaap with a general design; customers can nonetheless ask for specific and entirely customised design, logo, colour, etc.

Klaap is devised, designed, patented and manufactured in Italy.
Registered Community Trademark.